Let us build up the true Church!

Archbishop Oscar Romero
shot dead whilst celebrating Mass

24 March 1980

I’M THANKING GOD TODAY for Ralph & Sue, first rate churchwardens. Their ministries equate to full time jobs in a parish like ours … and for Administrator Janet, Fr David, Deacon Paul, Ordinand Tracy, Pastoral Worker John, Schools Co-ordinator Jill, Sexton John, Yvonne and the work at Barnabas, all kinds of other missions and people-focused work, the finance and buildings team, the pastoral team, the Kaleidoscope team and other worship planners, the lunch providers, the support network around The Mill, the pray-ers, the hospital visitors, the youth leaders, the washer-uppers, the vacuumers, the loo cleaners, the church council, a 5 year old altar server, 300+ committed Christians – all engaged in a colourful array of apostolic witness to “the Kingdom of God”.

What are we here for? – to Live! – change, compassion, communion, crying, delight, failing, fairness, forgiveness, grieving, healing, inclusion, laughing, love for all, open doors, open hearts, open table, peace, poetry, praying, thankfulness and thanksgiving, justice, weeping, worship and well-wishing, all day, every day, at work, rest and play. This is Church. & facebook & @bramhallcofe