(update at 2 May 2012: See Francesca Zelnick on Silence)

DEEP SILENCE is one of the chief appeals of Friday night-time Lakeland for me. Many years ago I found myself somewhat bewildered when my confessor / spiritual director spoke to me of the “language” of silence. The bewilderment passed, somewhere along life’s road, and today I find, like William Cleary, that there’s an abiding eloquence and a deep peace in the quiet places and spaces of my (generally very active and often fairly talkative) days … not least because silence recognises no denominationalism … weaving her wise whisperings into the nooks and crannies, the divisions within and between souls, and – breathing closely – making us more whole.

The silence between us is rife with communication and eloquence. We both speak and listen, a communion. Thanks. And Amen.

We side with the morning | William Cleary

28 October 2011