Soul Encounters

ANOTHER HAPPY VISIT to lead the Thursday Service at Bramhall Methodist Church this morning. They’re a marvellously friendly gathered community, placed right in the centre of Bramhall, exercising a (very Pauline) variety of gifts, not the least amongst these being the mid-week half-hour service, often with a visiting leader / speaker, probably 70+ present today, many of whom stayed on afterwards for a coffee and a natter with friends. I always enjoy being there.

It’s been a good day altogether, finishing up tonight with the wedding rehearsal for Ruth and Dave. There’s a real sense of excitement in the air, not least for our beloved parish administrator who is the bride’s Mum! The rehearsal was great so I’m sure the big day itself will be a joy.

When I turn to daily evening reflection I find myself recalling, in the silence, the numerous occasions morning, afternoon and night when human souls have encountered one another, with similarities and differences, confidently and sheepishly, laughing, crying, announcing or enquiring, hurting, healing, teaching, learning, staying, going, sowing and growing, loving and giving and living and dying. And I thereby remember why such reflection is so important. Soul encounters are of immense importance but also often fleeting and sometimes easily forgotten. When I take time to reflect I remember that one of the chief impulses in my life that’s seeking to be expressed – is thankfulness …

3 November 2011