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What would it mean to you if
In a moment of startling clarity
Bright as the Morning Star
It dawned upon you that
It was you that was born that night
In Bethlehem* afar?
What would it mean to you if
By converse and counsel
Silence and prayer
It became true for you that
You were, that you are.
What would it mean for you?

SRM 11 December 2012

*Bethlehem – House of Bread, or, one might say, a House of God’s provision


DO YOU EVER come across a phrase that you somehow just know will one day show itself again in pictorial form? A phrase and a picture, a parable perhaps, that you know is going to teach you something? A week or two ago I came across “Day stood distinct in the sky.” I can’t remember where I read it, but today it did! Day stood distinct in the sky.

Spring flowers are beginning to appear in our neighbourhood after what has been a most decidedly long, grey winter. And today the sky was deepest blue, and the sun shone steadily if still a little coolly, and every encounter I’ve had, with every person, was thereby touched and changed. Day stood distinct in the sky.

Day stood distinct in the sky and I stood still and breathed a sigh. “No time for all this standing around” said an inner tempter. “Hurry, hurry, for heaven’s sake. You’ve appointments to keep, and things to do”. But instead of the usual knee-jerk reaction I asked – in a few healing moments – “Why?”

And the lesson learned? (albeit for the millionth time!) That even brief time for contemplation, stillness, and for the question, help me prioritise. “Why?” helps clarify what is necessary and what is not. And what was necessary was in fact achieved today, and what was unnecessary was not. Day stood distinct in the sky. And so did I.