ST PAUL’S MACCLESFIELD – where I was Vicar from 1990-1996 – has been an enormous influence in my life since January 1971 when much loved parish priest Kenneth Burghall left my home church in Claughton to become Vicar there, and I became a frequent visitor until my own Collation as Vicar of the parish nineteen years later.

I always thought of St Paul’s (set upon a hill) as “my cathedral church” and as I’ve prayed through the years, and always on the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, I smile as I recall the delightful story of Macclesfield St Paul’s Church choir visiting Interlaken in Switzerland where they’d been invited to sing Evensong. A large and bright poster advertised their advent. Evensong was to be sung by the Choir of St Paul’s England. Someone else thought of Macc St Paul’s as a cathedral too! May the household of faith at St Paul’s Macclesfield (and at St Paul’s England) continue to bless and to be blessed.